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I can't feel my legs
it's psychotic
26th-Sep-2006 10:28 pm(no subject)
made by trustygeek
24th-Sep-2006 11:06 am - !
Lately I've been quite devoted on worshipping Jensen Ackles, a man who reminds me once again of the unfairness of this world. I'll never get to kiss
these lips
and that is just..wrong.
My love for Supernatural and Jensen was quite mild when I first started watching the show, but since that I have warmed up, or should I say heated quite a bit. I of course thought Jensen was gorgeous when Dark Angel was shown in Finnish tv and I watched it once in a while, but his role as Dean Winchester has made me a true fangirl :). And the first SN-episode of season 2 premieres next week!

Although I have to say, that I'm not too happy about my wonderful talent to always find another thing to obsess about once I've moved on from some other crazy fandomfeaver. Concentrating on your school work is quite hard when all you want to do is to surf around lj and youtube and just be silly and obsessed. Thud thud thud.
made by trustygeek
8th-Sep-2006 06:24 am - I like it all that way
Lover's spitCollapse )
made by trustygeek
7th-Sep-2006 10:00 pm - Green tea and some drooling
I wish that I wouldn't need to sleep. I love sleeping, don't get me wrong, but it just takes so much time. It would be so fancy if I could work on my school work during nights and spend my days doing something far more productive :) Like obsess over QaF.
Senior year is not all fun and games I've found out.
And the final exams - stress is breathing down my neck.
I'm happy that I don't have any exams this autumn. My friends do, those poor suckers.
But I'm flipping out anyways. And doing nothing about it.
It's so much more fun to be a lazy ass.
I'm starting my driving lessons in two weeks. Wee! Watch out mémés!

Gale Harold is love!
made by trustygeek
2nd-Sep-2006 10:04 am - Gale Harold
is officially my newest God of Sex.
And I'm so hooked on Queer as folk, that it's getting a tad scary. The first episode of the season II aired yesterday in Finland and I was so hyperventilating in front of the tv. My friends were a bit disappointed because the show wasn't just about sexy gays having hot sex, although we got some of that too, but I just loved it! If I'd just have more money, I would go right ahead and get myself the season 2 dvd-box as well, but let's face it, I don't have any money to spare.
Okay, enough with whining about money, let's bring on the utterly sexy Gale Harold.

And besides, Gale is hell of a gorgeous nameCollapse )
made by trustygeek
29th-Jun-2006 11:31 pm(no subject)
Icons made by swirlin

made by trustygeek
3rd-Apr-2006 01:45 pm - ZZZzzzZZZ
I just want to go to bed and sleeeeeep. But no, first I have to go and try to get myself a summerjob with my friend. And then I need to study for my french test. I have a feeling that my studying might not be as effective (can I use that word? njah, I'm too tired to care) as I would like it to be. Because I just want to sleep! And I'm probably going to.
I had a psychologyexam today, and I did something I haven't done since.. I don't remember when. I left early! I just didn't care to write anymore. I'm getting quite slobby ;)
made by trustygeek
21st-Feb-2006 08:34 pm - New Maggie icons :)
Yay, green_queen has made some new Maggie icons, had to put them here right away :)

iconsCollapse )
made by trustygeek
18th-Feb-2006 06:16 pm - One of them
First I have to say once more, that Maggie Grace is such a cutie pie

Maggie picCollapse )

I just loved the latest episode of Lost. Sayid-episode, at last! LOVED it. Best episode since Shannon's death. And the theory of the characters going over the edge is still keeping true.
I haven't been surfing around the fuselage yet, so I'm not sure if other watchers agree with my thought, that Sayid's "boss" was "Mr.Friendly", or what ever his name is, the chief of the others.
And I loved how Sayid flipped when he was talking about burying Shannon. that part made me cry..
I'm making a new Sayid-video now, even though I'm not ready with my Sawyer-vid project. I just couldn't wait.
I'm so tired..bluh.
made by trustygeek
12th-Feb-2006 10:59 am - Lovely Maggie
hehCollapse )
She is so cute
made by trustygeek
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