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Lately I've been quite devoted on worshipping Jensen Ackles, a man who reminds me once again of the unfairness of this world. I'll never get to kiss
these lips
and that is just..wrong.
My love for Supernatural and Jensen was quite mild when I first started watching the show, but since that I have warmed up, or should I say heated quite a bit. I of course thought Jensen was gorgeous when Dark Angel was shown in Finnish tv and I watched it once in a while, but his role as Dean Winchester has made me a true fangirl :). And the first SN-episode of season 2 premieres next week!

Although I have to say, that I'm not too happy about my wonderful talent to always find another thing to obsess about once I've moved on from some other crazy fandomfeaver. Concentrating on your school work is quite hard when all you want to do is to surf around lj and youtube and just be silly and obsessed. Thud thud thud.
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