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Long Con

Okay, so I'm here to discuss the latest episode of Lost...with myself.
I have quite mixed thoughts of this episode. But I definitely didn't dislike it. Some people say that the Lost writers are going to "wrong direction" so they don't have to reveal the secrets of island. I don't think so. I think the writers know exactly where they are going, and everything will make sense.. later. I think all the characters are going "over the edge" (as someone wrote in The Fuselage) and that is one of the results of being on the island. They are all sinners. And now, their sins are taking over them. Or something like this. I'm certain, that the Lost writers have a masterplan. All shall make sense. But not just yet.
(Aw, cute Italian girl is singing the national anthem of Italy.)
And any way, I don't really care what will happen. I just love Lost, what ever happens. I'm easy to please. No matter what Sayid and Sawyer will do, I'll still love them :)
Only thing which really sucks about Lost is, that writers didn't include Shannon to their masterplan. Those bastards.

I think I'm going to eat some muffins now.
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The Fuselage

I've been surfing around the Fuselage lately.. well, not actually surfing around, because I'm quite stuck reading the Whispers-threads. And I'm so excited :) I hope that there will be more whispers in the future, and especially I hope that Sayid will hear them. He might hear Shannon saying something, that would be so cool!

I'm such a geek.

I had a maths test at school today. I don't think it went so well. Well, what the hell :)

I was so spooked out around last midnight. I was listening to the whispers-audio files in our dark and quiet livingroom, and it was horrifying. I really don't recommend it, the whispers are creepy.
I just love Lost.
And I read about some rumours, that Ana-Lucia might die ASAP because Michelle is such a pain to work with.

I'm quite aware of the fact, that me writing in english makes me seem like a huge idiot. Which I am.

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Staying home, watching Rome

So I'm staying home sick today, lucky me. I just watched the third episode of Rome, and I'm still liking the show very much. I love Niobe, played by Indira Varma, and the whole show is just so beautiful. It might be fun to make Rome-fanvideos, but I can't get the clips. Plus, I'm so sick of Windows Movie Maker, that I'm probably going to take a little brake from making vids. I would so love to buy the Sony Las Vegas 6, but unfortunately it's VERY expensive.
Now I'm just wating fot the latest Lost episode for download. It's a Sawyer-ep, so I'm quite excited about it. But as I'm wating for it, I might as well have some fun and make a little picspam of Maggie & Naveen pictures :)
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Fire and water and some buns

I just saw the 12th episode of Lost from season 2 :) And the first season just started in Finland an hour ago. I'm quite ahead of my time, heh :)
Didn't like this episode so much either. Something is just not right. And I know that it's the fact that Shannon is gone. But enough about that, because hahah, Libby IS evil! I just knew it! Buahah. Bad evil Libby.
By the way, I'm a believer. I believe in the ULTIMATE THEORY .
So yeah, Libby is the skank. And I hate Ana-Lucia oh so much. But I'm quite happy about the fact, that Sawyer and Kate are spending a lot of time together. And Sawyer has become nicer to other people too, although I have always loved him, no matter how rude he was.
And this was like the first time I've felt bad for Charlie. I think he's getting "sick", right after Michael. I wonder who's going to be next? Heheh, hoping of course that it would be Ana-Lucia. Buahah.
Ok. Enough is enough.

I'm now trying to make a Lost video to Athlete's song called Wires. It's just quite a big project, because I'm going to involve almost all the characters. Yaiks. Hope it will come out good.
And me and my friend just spent the whole afternoon baking buns and cookies for tomorrow. We are trying to collect some money for our choir, so we are selling food to the teachers :) And we also watched Rome. I've now seen two episodes, and I quite like it. It's so beautifully done, amazing footage.
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Rambling about Shannon

Posted this in </a></b></a>lost_tv

"I loved Shannon because she was so.. human :) She was weak and naive, selfish and childish, but after all she was only twenty years old. Her mother had probably died or abandoned her when she was a kid, and her father had gotten married with a woman who hated her. As it was told in Abandoned, Sabrina (Shannon's step-mother) hated Shannon because she was jealous of Shannon's relationship with her husband and her son. So to replace her mom Shannon had gotten a woman who was probably always picking on her, telling her that she was worthless and useless and that she could never do anything right. And after a while, that kind of bums you out and makes you stop trying. I know that I couldn't go on for very long if no one believed in me.
Then Shannon's dad died, and Shannon was left with nothing. She had to give up her dream, and when she realized that, she probably just gave up on everything. But she knew that there was one thing she was good at: men had probably always been attracted to her (she was also very close with her dad and her step-brother). So she saw an opportunity there, and started "using" men. She was too proud to go and beg for money from Sabrina again, so she had to trick Boone to give her money. I think Shannon loved Boone (not sexually though), but she was really disappointed by him when he let Shannon down and went to work for Sabrina, and it was easier for her to use him because of that.
When Boone found out about Shannon's lies, Shannon was probably really shocked. I think she was really ashamed of herself, and wanted to make things right with Boone. But depressed and drunk Shannon didn't see any other way to make up with Boone but to have sex with him: sex was the only weapon she had :) (OMG). And then Boone started to act just like his mother towards Shannon, and Shannon had to relive it all over again. On the island, she first believed that they were going to get rescued, and didn't see the point of all the fuzz. And after all, why should she help when she had always been told that she was "useless" and always on other people's way, and at the same time she saw that there were so many capable people who knew what they were doing. And she clearly didn't know what to do. Shannon had gone through a lot, and I think she had built herself a very strong shell. She didn't want people to see underneath it, and that was probably also one of the reasons why she was so ashamed of her asthma: it was a sign of her weakness. She acted like a cold-hearted bitch, because that way she wouldn't get hurt so easily. She was insecure and didn't believe in herself. And she got even more depressed when her relationship with Boone got into so bad shape. Shannon probably saw Boone as a big brother, and I have a big brother too, so I can imagine how she felt. I love picking on my brother, but that's just because I don't exactly know how to show him that I like him very much (nothing pervert included here). My brother has a really great influence on me, and if he says something negative about me, I get pretty down. Little sisters want their big brothers to be proud of them and believe in them. Of course, Shannon kind of messed up their sibling-situation by sleeping with Boone, that I must admit :)
And then there's the whole Shayid-relationship. I'm a hardcore-Shayid fan, and I really think that Shannon and Sayid loved each other. That might be naive of me, but that is just the way I see it. I think Sayid some how let go of Nadia when she left Danielle's place (and leaving Nadia's picture behind of course kind of symbolized that). Sayid saw the shape Danielle was in after looking for one person for 16 years (of course the situation was different, because Danielle was looking for her daughter, but still), and he realized that he had to move on. And he saw the potential in Shannon :) I think there was kind of attraction between Shannon and Sayid already in the first episodes, when they received Danielle's transmit. After all, Sayid and Shannon sat together and slept together when they were "camping". Shannon probably saw Sayid as a person whom with she would be safe, and well, possibly Sayid saw Shannon as a hot chick who understood French. But then Sayid felt so strongly for Shannon when she got her asthma attack, and even tortured Sawyer because of it. Even though he had swore never to torture again. So possibly his attraction to Shannon helped him to let Nadia behind.
In Sayid's flashback we hear that Sayid ignored Nadia when they were children, because she got so much attention from all the other kids. And then Shannon is a lonely girl who doesn't know what to do, and no-one pays any attention to her.
And I truly believe that Shannon started a new life on the island with Sayid. Come on, how could she not really like Sayid?! I loved their Iraqi-guy-American-girl-pairing and they were hot as hell together!

I don't see myself as a cold-hearted bitch, but I feel I can really understand Shannon's actions. She's the only character on the show who I could really identify with, because I saw same kind of weaknesses in her that I have myself.
I have never felt a need to blow up anyone. I have never felt a need to fix everything. I don't have a drug problem. But I do have problems with believing in myself, I do some times feel like I just want to give up and care about nothing. And I often feel useless.
And I don't think I've ever missed a character on a TV-show as much as I miss Shannon. "

It felt good to write about Shannon :) I might be reading too much into her character, but well, that's just the way I see her :)

Now I have to go and study some French words
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Too much stress

I think I'm dying because of it.. the school is just killing me and then there's is bunch of other stuff worrying me, so yeah, a vacation would be nice.
Maggie and Naveen are so cute in the Golden Globe pressroom interview after Lost had won the award for best TV drama. Naveen is so funny, he is always jumping from one side to the other when he's on stage. I can't imagine him just standing still.. but hopefully we will see that some day when he'll win his award. And he was so cute in the pressroom when he sneaked to other side of the room to see Maggie. Maggie was so cute with Naveen & Harold, the guys just love her :) And I loved the way how some reporter, as the cast and crew were leaving, said that it was good to see Maggie with the cast, and Naveen says something like "oh it's quite to have her back" and maggie says "i love them all very much". So sweet! I hope she'll become a huge star some day, and she'll win a Golden Globe of her own :)

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Just posting random stuff :)

I'm quite in love with the song called Cells by The Servant. And my new Athlete album is also lovely. I'm feeling the music, babeh :)

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Hunting Party

Just watched the eleventh episode of season 2 of Lost, and I got to say I don't like the way the show is going. I just hate the hatch. And Jack has been really unlikeable lately, I've never been a big fan of his, but in this episode I just didn't like him at all. I think Jack and Ana-Lucia really deserve each other.. bluh. The only bright light of their army plan is that Sayid will help them with it, so there will probably be more of Sayid. Maybe even Sayid episode soon :) And I just still hope that some how Shannon will come back :) of course she won't, but I just miss her so much.
I liked the Hurley and Charlie with Sayid scene, although I got the feeling that the writers were making fun of Sayid's sorrow. I'm probably delusional,and way too sensitive about Shayid, but still.

I used to really like Alias when it started. I thought the season 1 was great..But I think the show started to go downhill after Vaughn had gotten married. And I fear that Lost will go downhill also. Part of why I'm saying so is of course the fact that I'm still pissed off of Shannon dying and that I don't think the show will never be the same after her death.

I think Kate and Sawyer should just get together. They have a good chemistry, and I really liked how Sawyer reacted when they brought Kate up with gun on her neck. Come on, just go and have hot Skater-sex. Although it won't be as hot as Shayid-sex, but still.

Our house is like a fridge. I'm freezing! I wanna go to Hawaii.And possibly shag with Naveen.. u know.

And I loved how Jin wanted to go after Michael. Their friendship is so cute!
I wish there would be some Sayid-Sawyer moments as well, I just love them together. "Perhaps he wanted to go camping" - is definitely one of my favourite Lost-lines.

Okay, enough rambling about Lost. I kept my speech in school today, and I was just panicking :) But I'm quite proud of myself, because this time I controlled my panick much better than before. So I think it went okay. And I just LOVED the book I was talking about, The God of Small Things. The greatest freaking book ever :)

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